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Water Income

Water Income

Postby pablo10 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:07 am

Helo everybody:

I´m suffering form a salt water income in my 37CWS.
It only happens when sailing pretty heeling in starboard tack. Water appears only in the soil of the port cabin.
I have taken four litres of water after only an hour of sailing.
I´m not able to see the external source. Stanchions apparently look fine.
Has anybody suffer any similar problem, so he may help me?
Any comment welcome.
Thank you.
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Re: Water Income

Postby Jester » Tue Jul 05, 2016 1:37 pm


I know this is late but I have the same issue (1998 CWS 37). I finally traced it to the cockpit drain connection on the stern. It is unreachable and i am planing on adding a different exit thru hole. It actually let in salt on a starboard tack or under heavy power and fresh during rain. Took me for ever to find.

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