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Power Inverter experience

Power Inverter experience

Postby kimbp » Tue Feb 15, 2022 9:57 pm

Hi there (if any one left :shock: )

I'm considering installing a 1600-2000W power inverter (12V -> 230V) in the hope I can boost my hot water when a shower is required

If you have installed an inverter I'd like you to comment on some (or all) of my questions below

How big an inverter have you installed?
What is it good for/ not good for?
Where is it installed?
How thick/long are your 12V cables between inverter and battery/ batteries. ( 2000W @ 12V -> ~170A )
Have you added any additional fuses/switches
From what I can read they all have a rather high current consumption even when idling, so it's probably better to switch them off while not in use. What's your experience?
Is the 230V output connected to your existing 230V circuit

I'm thinking of installing it in starboard aft next to the battery I have there. I think glassing in a horizontal plate leaves enough height to the ones I've been looking at (typical < 10cm in height)
I thus need some rather short cables if just connecting it to one battery. Some people think it is better to spread the shock load to more batteries. It can be done by adding 'minus' to one battery and 'plus' to the other - but that will result in one of the cables being rather long.
Cons about installing it at that location are: heating and difficult to reach on/off switch

With respect to the 230V circuit my idea is to connect it to the existing 230V circuit using something like this: ... gschaltung. This way the 230V circuit will use shore power if it is available and only use inverter power when shore power is gone. This particular device furthermore has a port only active when shore power is available. That's where the charger will be attached. If that port is missing the charger of course goes directly into the shore power connector.

Have you considered an inverter but decided not to install it, your motivation for not doing so might be valuable also ... gschaltung
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