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Dehler 36SQ rig tuning

Dehler 36SQ rig tuning

Postby Gavina » Mon May 13, 2013 10:16 pm

From Jeff Leigh - has anyone any rig tuning data for a 2001 J&V Dehler 36?
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Re: Dehler 36SQ rig tuning

Postby GERRYBULLARD » Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:19 pm

Hi Jeff
I have had 2 36 SQ,s and rig tuning does to a degree depend upon your sails. Where are you located? If on East Coast John Parker of One Sails will help and I have an experienced rigger as a crew member and he set up my rig and tuned it, he could help you. The mast was also different sections between the 2 yachts so all this has to be taken in account

I have now just taken delivery of a Dehler 41 and I am in Suffolk Yacht Harbour at Levington on the Orwell so pop in and have a chat. Apparently I have only the second D41 in UK so if the other owner reads this I would like to have a chat.
By the way I have a number of Dehler 36 spimnnaker pole fittings as the crew kept changing their minds on whether we should have a single ended or two ended pole for racing so let me know if you want anything.
Gerry Bullard ( MOB 07710293669)
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